Easy Static Maps

The WordPress plugin to add static maps to your website

Easy Static Maps is a WordPress plugin (a software extension) that allows you to easily add static maps to your WordPress site. To insert the desired map on the website it is no longer necessary to contact a web designer: now, thanks to the simplicity of Easy Static Maps, you can do it in total autonomy and with a clear saving of time and money!

Easy Static Maps is also very useful for designers and developers who opt for static maps and need an agile and fast tool to create them in large quantities for customers. The Pro and Ultimate versions of Easy Static Maps support a complete customization of the maps, with the possibility to change the background elements and the markers (virtual pins) applied on the map to one's liking. You can also include paths or lines, highlight areas, add circles...

Static maps have many advantages over dynamic maps, especially in a SEO perspective (search engine optimization):


  • static maps are easy to create and modify;

  • static maps are actually low or high definition image files, depending on the settings chosen. Being simple images in common file formats (png, gif, jpg), the static maps are completely compatible with all browsers and devices;

  • static maps are lighter than dynamic ones: the file size of a static map is generally limited to a few tens of kb. This feature can have a strong impact on the user experience because it makes the website pages faster to open. The greater speed of the site is also detected by search engines with positive effects on positioning;

  • web map services generally charge a fee for the use of dynamic maps linked to the number of views: small websites use free daily allowances but sites with higher traffic pay sums sometimes conspicuous for the use of these services. For static maps the amounts of free views are generally much higher and exceeding these limits is only possible for websites with tens of thousands of visitors per day; in addition, even if the free quotas are exceeded, the costs for using the service are extremely reduced compared to dynamic maps. Static maps are therefore much more convenient than dynamic maps in websites with a lot of traffic.

Despite these advantages static maps have the limitation of not allowing the site visitor to interact with them (for example moving the view or adjusting the zoom levels): to get these features in a WordPress site you need to use a plugin for creating of dynamic maps.

The three main web map services (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and Bing Maps) offer both a dynamic map service and a static map service. Easy Static Maps allows you to easily create static maps with one of these services, selecting the map type (street map, satellite images, hybrid map, light or dark background) and the features (size, map center, zoom level , file format, image quality). You can also include markers (virtual pins applied to the map to highlight places) of different sizes and colors.




8,99 €


29,99 €
Support for the 3 main web map servicesGoogle Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps
Various types of maps availableroads, satellite images, hybrids, light and dark themes
Custom size and zoom level
Choice of format and image quality
Adding of markers(virtual pins on the map)
Custom icons for markers
Adding lines or routes(maximum 1 line or
route per map)
Adding colored areas and circles(maximum 1 colored area
and 1 circle per map)
Custom style maps(maximum 3 editable
map elements)
Domains (websites) enabled for the use of the plugin(you will receive a license key for each enabled domain)113
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